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Despite high education costs and the cost of student loans to meet them, students and parents have some advantages today that didn't exist even ten years ago. The Internet has changed the way student financial aid is researched (and granted) in more ways than one.

Today it's easy to quickly access an enormous amount of information. Interest rates, qualifying criteria, loan limits and much more is readily available. But that also hints at some of the difficulties associated with easy data - there may be too much of it. An old saying in the information technology business may sum it up best: it's like drinking from a fire hose.

With so much information flooding in, due to the variety and complexity of loan programs today, it can make analyzing all the information that much more difficult. To overcome the flood of information, one old-fashioned method is still very helpful: Seek Personal Advice.

For students still in high school, the school counselor is a good first start when planning a college education and searching for ways to pay for it. These school counselors are there to help students sort through the bewildering array of choices, and to point out some of the potential advantages or pitfalls of different student loan programs. But, unfortunately, the quality of that advice can vary quite a lot.

Professional loan counselors are well versed on the latest information, because they go through regular courses each year to keep up-to-date and to keep their professional standing. The downside is that they usually charge for their services. A few minutes of advice on the phone or in person is can typically be free, but any detailed program is at a cost. It's understandable, since that's how they make a living.

Be sure to allocate at least a year to consider the available options, two years would be better. Saving, planning and budgeting can and should start much earlier, of course. Getting information about student loans that is likely to be useful means not putting too much weight on circumstances that exist several years before beginning college. Interest rates, available loan programs and qualifying criteria do change over time. And, who knows, the Internet innovators may come up with something even better in the future!

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  If borrowing for college leaves you feeling lost, be assured that you are not alone. With so many lenders offering so many versions of basic loan types, it can be hard to find the loan that's best for you. Having options is great. But you need a guide to set you on the right path. Compare Student Loans:
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