Brown Bag Savings Calculator

Do you each lunch out every work day?

Our Brown Bag Savings Calculator calculates how much money you would save by taking your lunch to work. It also shows you how much money you could accumulate over a period of time if you invested your 'lunch out' expense.

Does this mean you should never eat lunch out during the week? Of course not. But it does show you what you can accomplish if you set a determined goal. If you are in a difficult financial situation or simply want to get a better handle on your excess spending, this online calculator shows you what you can achieve.

With a bit of discipline and sacrifice we can often attain goals that we may initally think are out of our reach.

Try this financial calculator and see what you can accomplish with one small change in your spending habits. Who knows ... you may enjoy your 'brown bag lunch' all the more if you know it is helping you achieve financial freedom.

What difference will it make if I bring my own lunch to work instead of eating out?

Brown Bag Savings Calculator
This calculator will show you how much you could save if you brought your own lunch to work instead of eating out. Plus, it will also show you how much your brown-bag savings would grow if you invested the difference. And remember, this does not include money that will be saved from not having to throw-away leftovers from meals cooked at home.

Cost per lunch brought from home ($):
Average cost of eating lunch out per workday ($):
Number of workdays you eat out per week (#):
Number of years you would like to calculate the savings for (#):
Interest rate you could earn if you invest the savings (%):
Total brown bag savings:
Total Interest earned on savings:
Balance of future brown-bag savings account:
Year Interest

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