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Do You Have to Feel Deprived To Save Money?

It all depends on your money saving plan and your definition of a 'good life'. If you want to spend a thousand dollars on a new outfit every week and drive around in a stretch limo, then yes, to save money you will certainly likely be deprived of these things.

On the other hand if you live an 'ordinary' life with a car, a house and two kids at school then probably not.

There are many things you can do to save.

Here is a short list of some money saving ideas for you and your family.

Money Saving - Family Entertainment

Instead of taking the kids to the movies, you could rent DVDs for them to watch. Better still; take them to the beach for the day. It's fun, healthy and FREE. Likewise with walking and jogging activities. You could let them camp out in the back yard for a treat. Have a campfire and roast marshmallows. Most kids would certainly prefer to do something like that than go to the movies, especially if they could have their best friend stay over.

Money Saving - Family Activities

Do they have to play all sports and do costly after school activities? Why not get the kids into gardening instead? This is good exercise, they'll learn about saving the environment and as well, save you the cost of buying vegetables. When the table is laden with all those healthy homegrown vegetables, you'll never feel less deprived. And it's a great way to spend quality time with them. We have more budget friendly family entertainment ideas here.

Money Saving - Transportation

If you live close to the shops, you could consider walking there to get those things you just ran out of - but make sure it's safe. This will save on the cost of fuel, wear and tear on the car and keep you fit and trim. You could buy a second-hand bike and cycle there and back if it's too far to walk.

If you've been in the habit of driving the kids to school, then how about letting them walk? You could go with them for safety. Even doing this for two or three days a week will save quite a bit of fuel over a year. And we know how expensive gas is today.

Money Saving - Snacks

Cutting down on snacks and treats can only make your kids healthier and if they really want some munchies, get them making their own. Popcorn is simple to make, homemade cookies much healthier, and if they make their own ice treats their creative side can get to work in a number of fun ways. Try crushed berries and fat-free yogurts, or simply mix-up cordial frozen with pieces of fruit. Deprived? Not a bit!

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