Home Equity Loan Calculator

Our Home Equity Loan Calculator will help you estimate how much of a home equity line of credit or refinance home loan you are eligible to borrow.

Each lending company has their own criteria of course. Although the amount of home equity loan or line of credit you qualify for through them may differ somewhat from these calculations, using our refinance home loan calculator is a great way to see how a home equity or second mortgage loan might help you.

Once you have an estimate of how much you qualify for, you can plan your purchases or determine how much of your existing debt you can pay off. By doing your homework before you meet with your banker or lender you will have put yourself in a better position to discuss your needs with them.

Credit Line Qualification Calculator
This calculator will estimate how large of a credit line you may be able to qualify for, for up to four lender Loan-to-Value ratios (percent of value of home a lender is willing to loan out).

Appraised value of property ($):
Total of mortgages owed against property ($):
Loan-to-value ratio 1 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 2 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 3 (%):
Loan-to-value ratio 4 (%):
Percent of Appraised Value
Max amount of loans possible:
Less existing loans:
Your credit limit:

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