gold dollarOrganize A Garage Sale To Make Extra Money!

You can sell almost anything at a garage sale or yard sale and it is an excellent opportunity to make extra money.

The idea is to get rid of all the stuff you've accumulated over the years and don't use any more. The list is endless.

What Sells

Start with the children's old toys; plush toys should be clean, though not necessarily in really good condition. Average often sells just as well, especially if there are children around.

Battery-operated or wind-up toys don't necessarily have to be in working condition if they still look attractive. Just don't claim that they work if they don't.

Children's clothing often goes like hot cakes. Kids usually outgrow their clothes well before they show any signs of wear, so they can be a bargain. And moms will often buy for their children when they wouldn't buy for themselves.

Clothing should be clean and if it's also pressed, it will certainly be more attractive. If you have time, sort it into sizes or perhaps type. You could have a box of t-shirts and another of shorts beside it.

Electrical and computer goods are also popular items at a garage sale. Make sure they work properly. If you've upgraded your monitor to a larger screen, say so on a note attached to it. Have your electrical goods displayed near a power outlet so that they can be switched on and off.

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Carpets and curtains can certainly be sold at a garage sale. One man's trash is another's treasure.

Allow a portion of your carpet to be rolled back so customers can see what condition it is in. Both should have a note attached with the size written on them plainly.

Anything for the garden will be sure to sell well, whether it is hand tools, old lawnmowers or even potted plants. For that matter pots without plants often sell well too.

Books, CD's DVDs, and the like can all be sold at your yard sale. Keep books in a sturdy box with their spines uppermost so the titles can be easily read.

Adult clothing often sells well too. If you haven't worn it for two years, you don't need it. Make sure the size is attached to them if the label is worn. How about car parts, or even that old car?

If you have anything that may be valuable and you want to sell for a larger amount, try selling on eBay or somewhere similar instead. Antique jewelry, certain kinds of toys, old coins and other collectables may be in this category.

Garage Sale Pricing

People expect a bargain when they go to garage sales so if you really want to sell your goods, price accordingly. Experts suggest your prices should be no more than a third of the original price that you paid.

Advertising Your Garage Sale:

Your garage sale will be a great deal more successful if you advertise it properly. You can advertise on websites, community notice-boards, shop windows (ask for permission) and do a letterbox drop with leaflets.

The local newspaper will charge so keep your advertisement small and basic. You can hand out flyers at events that you attend as well. Don't forget simple word-of-mouth.

Before you start, find out where you can legally place signs. Make your signs nice and neat so they look professional.

Some newspapers actually provide nicely done signs for free or a small fee that can be used on the day. Your local Realtor may offer free garage sale signs for the day as well.

Garage Sale Magic!: How to Turn Your 'Trash' into Cash


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