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Family Vacation Ideas

A family vacation can be a major way to spend money, as anyone on a tight budget will know. Here are some ideas for budget friendly vacations.

Stay at home! Yes, you can still have a holiday; just don't pay for boarding somewhere else. Instead, spend some of that money you have saved on buying frozen dinners and go out to visit all the tourist spots in your area. Many people live in an area for years without visiting the local tourist spots. Forget the housework for a week or two, or do just minimal amounts.

Camping is on the list as an excellent family vacation idea. There are many wonderful camping spots in national parks or at the beach. Camping is much cheaper than paying for accommodation at a resort or a motel. Unless you can borrow them, you will have the initial cost of tents and sleeping bags, but they will last for many years. Camping ground fees are usually quite reasonable and if you are prepared to rough it with no facilities, you may be able to go to a free one.

If that sounds too rough for you, go the next step up and hire a caravan RV trailor or campervan. At least you'll have a comfy bed and somewhere to sit if it should rain for the week you go away. You can enjoy travelling about to different locations also. In fact, you could drive out of the rain if it's not too widespread. Caravanning is a popular way to holiday and see the countryside. In some cases, you can even pull into a quiet spot along the road and camp there without paying any fees. It is safer to go to a designated camping area though. Some of these may be free, while others charge a fee. They often have good facilities. (This idea for a family vacation has been on the rise in recent years.)

Swap houses with a friend. It has to be someone you can trust not to trash the place. There are some house-swapping agencies that will put you in touch with others who do this sort of thing. The idea is to go and live in someone else's house while they do the same. This way each one knows the house is protected from would-be thieves, pets are looked after without the cost of boarding them and plants are watered so they don't die while you are away. You can often choose the location you like best, or you can take potluck and go somewhere you hadn't thought of before. You might find it's a terrific family vacation.

Go in a large group. Many motels rent out rooms that sleep 10 or more. They are often cheaper than a twin-share and by the time everyone adds their share to the kitty, the cost is really reasonable.

There are many ways in which you can take that family vacation without it having to break the budget. Whatever way you choose, the main idea is to have fun with the family!

Tips for spending less during holidays and family vacation budgeting.

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