Budget Friendly Family Entertainment Ideas

Family entertainment doesn't have to be a wallet draining experience. One of the many ways in which we can spend - and waste money is in the area of family entertainment. There are new movies to see, dinner out, and a host of other lovely things to do. Children especially seem to want to go to theme parks and fairs where it seems that you have your wallet in your hand all the time because it's hardly worthwhile putting it back into your pocket before the next thing needs to be paid for.

So what are some budget friendly entertainment ideas for the family?

If you live near a beach, younger children are usually delighted and content to spend all their summer holidays playing in the sand. If you don't live near a beach, there will often be a free swimming pool that they can access. Even a paid pool may end up being cheaper (and healthier) in the long run than paying for an afternoon at the movies.

A small sandpit in the backyard will keep children entertained for hours at a time, while an above ground swimming pool -even if it is tiny - will contribute to the fun. Having a friend over is a simple means of entertainment. Encourage craft activities and play-acting. All these will stimulate their creative side.

For family entertainment outings, choose things that are free or have a minimal cost. Visits to museums are often free and can be fascinating as well as informative. Just be sure to keep the children away from any kiosk or shop. These are usually priced much higher than your normal shop or ice-cream parlor.

If you have a car, a drive into the mountains with a homemade picnic will be a cheap day out. You can see the tourist sites and take photos, then let the children create fun scrapbooks of their day. The only cost will be for gas.

When thinking in terms of movies, videos or DVDs are cheaper than going to the cinema. Video rental outlets often have specials where you rent several movies for a week rather than just one more expensive one overnight. This is good for holiday watching, but not for school times as it could interfere with homework.

Family Entertainment: Money Management For Theme Parks

If the children are desperate to go to a theme park, you can get them to help you save up first. If the children are at the age where they can go on all the rides, choose the kind where you pay an entrance fee and then have free access to the rides. Go early in the day to make it worthwhile. If the children are too little to go on most of the rides, it would be cheaper to take them to a fair where there are more rides for smaller children. Before you go, set a limit on the number of rides they can go on and be sure you keep to it. Make sure you don't take any extra money with you, then you won't be tempted to spend it. In this way you can all have fun without breaking the budget.

More info on family entertainment spending and budgeting here.   

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