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Don't forget long term expenses or long term needs when creating a budget to suit you. These can be expenses that you will possibly pay once a year, or something that crops up even less than that, like the need to buy a car.

Even if you have a good car at the moment, it will need replacing one day. Or it could be the future expenditure of a college education for your child, or a course that you would like to take yourself, but find it hard to pay for.

You may wonder where the money will come from to pay for these large household expenses, whatever they may be. The sooner you plan to include them in your family budget, the less stressed you'll feel and the easier it will be to pay for them when the time comes.

The best thing to do is work out roughly how long before this expense will need to be paid - and then set aside a small amount each month to pay for it. If it is due in twelve months, then divide the price by twelve to find out how much you need to set aside monthly.

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If it's due even further into the future, then that's all the better. It means you will only need to save a small portion each month. It is easier than you may realize and this scheduled plan for saving money can be applied to other large expenses, even if you aren't sure of the total price. Get an estimate and use your new money management and budgeting skills to start saving.

What about getting a loan when purchase time arrives? There could be several reasons why this may not be possible at the time. In most cases you have to be able to prove you can pay off a loan, before one is granted.

And what about the interest? There is interest to pay on every loan and this makes the actual price you are paying for the item even greater. In some cases it doubles. As far as you are concerned, interest is wasted money. How much better would it be to keep that money in your own pocket? Use the interest calculator to discover exactly how much you could save if you didn't pay interest charges.

Even if you have saved up a substantial down payment rather than the whole amount, it will still be worth the sacrifice. Being able to pay a good deposit on large expenses will improve your chances of getting a lower interest rate and easier finance terms. Why not start to save up now? Time goes by quickly and before you know it, you'll have that money you need.

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