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Selling On eBay

To earn extra money, many have successfully turned to selling on eBay®.

If the day job paycheck is just not enough to cover the monthly bills, selling some of the extra 'stuff' that you have accumulated and no longer use, can help.

There are other well known online auction sites like the Amazon Auction, but we'll stick to selling on eBay for the moment.

What Sells Best

Some people just want to sell that disgusting vase given to them as a wedding gift but have always hated. Or, you may want to sell some of those collectibles that have accumulated and taken over your home. You have no doubt heard that one mans trash is anothers treasure. If you are looking for a product to sell where you can earn extra money, it would be wise to find out what is successfully selling on eBay®. You don't want to be stuck for weeks with goods that don't sell well. So how can you find this out?

Watch all the ads that are already there. Log in to the buyers section and see what products are there. Don't just notice the ones that are there most often. It could be they are there because they are not selling quickly. You'll need to carry out your own little survey over a period of time to see how quickly certain things seem to be selling.

Another place for you to go is the 'What's Hot' link on eBay®. This will give you several ways of finding out what is selling well. You can download a monthly PDF describing hot products.

'EBay® Pulse' is another good tool provided by eBay®. To find out what the most searched for keywords are, the biggest eBay® stores and the most-watched items, wander around the site.

You can also ask for the Merchandising Calendar. This will tell you what items eBay® is going to run various seasonal promotions on in the coming months. Subscribe to Marketplace Research. That will give you a list of the previous 90 days of activity selling on eBay.

The Market Research Wizard is also there especially to help you find out what would be a great product for selling on eBay and it will also help you determine the profitability of the product.

There is also the Buyer Behavior Report to tell you what customers buy and why, among other things, and the EBay® Solutions Directory that provides marketplace research based on your own needs.

Of course, once you've become a seasoned seller at eBay®, you might want to try the resources found under the 'Advanced Education' link. There you will find comprehensive and free resources including a downloadable "Advanced Selling Guide" and eBay® University where you can take lessons in selling either in person or online. You can always learn valuable skills from the eBay experts.

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