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Credit cards have become a way of life in North America. They offer us the convenience of easy to use credit and, when used properly, are a great cash flow management tool.

Some would argue that credit cards are a very negative part of our society, causing people to incur heavy amounts of debt that they are unable to pay back. Others say that the cards are not the problem. It is the careless use of the cards and lack of financial discipline that is the real problem. We agree.

Wise use of credit cards can provide us with simple and convenient access to short term credit.

There are so many credit cards available today and not all cards are the same. The question to ask is:

Which credit cards are right for you?

There are four major types of credit cards:

1. General-purpose credit cards are cards that can be used to purchase from a wide variety of vendors who accept them. You can use them to pay for anything from clothes to airline tickets to restaurant meals and also get cash advances. Regular MasterCard or Visa credit cards are examples of general-purpose cards.

2. Single or limited-purpose credit cards are cards that can be used only in specific stores or groups of stores, or for a specific purpose. An example of a single purpose credit card is a gas card.

3. Affinity credit cards are associated with specific organizations. They are only offered to people affiliated with those specific organizations. Examples of affinity credit cards are those associated with a college alma mater or professional association.

4. Secured cards are useful if you want to establish or improve your credit record, particularly if you have never had credit or have a poor credit history.

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