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Are there credit cards for bad credit? In one word, YES. Access to a credit card is almost mandatory in this age of technology. With the increasing need for consumers to make credit card purchases, the demand for credit cards for bad credit is prevalent. There are two types of credit cards that are available for people with bad credit ratings.

Prepaid Credit Cards:

With a prepaid card, you can take out exactly what you deposit into the card. Like a checking account, your spending limit is whatever amount of money you deposit to it. You can 'recharge' your card by depositing more money into your account whenever the prepaid credit card balance bottoms out to $0. Prepaid cards are great for online purchases as well as day to day budgeting.

Approval is usually granted regardless of your credit score because there is no need to deal with the credit bureaus.

Secured Credit Cards:

These are the perfect cards for bad credit sufferers. Secured cards can help you get in the habit of spending wisely as well as help you to improve your bad credit score. With secured credit cards, the spending limit is based upon the amount of money you have deposited into a special account.

The deposit is required as these credit cards for bad credit do not allow you to spend more than you have deposited into the account. This is the security feature for this type of credit card. When you have spent all that you have deposited, you will not be able to use the card again until you have made a payment.

These credit cards for bad credit may be ideal for getting your financial situation back on the right track and improving your credit rating. It is easy to obtain a secured credit card. All you have to do is review the list secured credit cards here.

Even though most financial advisers would point out all the reasons it is wrong for the industry to offer credit cards for users with bad credit, there is a customer base. People who have had setbacks in their life, see a definite advantage, despite the extra costs of the credit card.

Most companies require a credit card to rent a car or secure a hotel reservation. It is difficult to conduct business online without a credit card.

People who have lost their good credit rating often view the need for a credit card as discriminatory. Due to convention and no alternative, they will still apply for credit cards for bad credit risks and consider the additional charges and higher interest rates as the price they have to pay to re-establish their financial life.

Pre Paid Credit & Debit Cards

Once you have reviewed these credit cards for bad credit, you may want to have a look at our Debt Action Guide. It is a step-by-step guide to getting out and staying out of debt as well as offering suggestions for improving your credit record.

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