Coupons Can Save Your Family Budget!

Do you shop with coupons? One of the fastest ways we spend money is in purchasing the weekly foods and products we use for grooming and cleaning.

Often we think if we didn't have to eat, what a lot of money we could save! But we do have to eat and keep our homes and ourselves clean; yet the cost of this doesn't have to be excessive. There is a wonderfully easy and perfectly legal way to reduce your spending in this area.

What are coupons? They are really advertisements put out by companies to try and persuade you to buy their product. In doing this they have created a marvelous opportunity for the average shopper to make consistent savings almost every week.

They can often be found in the supplement section of the Sunday newspaper. They are the glossy pullout section devoted to advertising products. You clip out the coupons which - when offered for that product at the checkout - will give you significant savings.

These coupons are often worth 50 cents or a dollar off the retail price of the product. But here's the good news. Sometimes, stores will have a double or triple coupon day where the value increases to - you guessed it, double or triple. Now if the store also has a sale on that product, you may even get it for free! Now you might not be all that enthusiastic about a saving of two or three dollars on a product, but wait, there's more!

Ask your friends to clip out the coupons in their papers and keep them for you, if they don't use them. In this way you can get a real stash of coupons. You could also ask your paperboy to give you all the leftover supplements so that you can have the coupons. Go to company websites and join up for their newsletters. Often they will have downloadable coupons that you will be able to use. CoolSavings.com offers free coupons for numerous products as well as Printable Grocery Coupons.

To organize your coupons and reduce time spent at the checkout, keep them in a large folder or one of those snap-loc clear plastic bags. Sort them in order of either expiration date or type of item or even rooms of your house. For instance the one labeled 'bathroom' could have soap, shampoo, conditioners, shaving gear and many more products that you would use in your bathroom. In this way you will be able to produce them at the checkout without too much delay.

There may even be a coupon club in your area. Many people have coupons for products they don't use, and so can swap them for the ones others don't want. An older person won't need diaper coupons, while childless couples may not be into some of the cereals that children love. If there is no coupon club, why not start one up yourself. You'll end up with heaps more coupons, make new friends and your family budget will thank you as well.


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