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Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Family friendly budget recipes need not be challenging if you do a little planning. One of the main expenses of the family is food. Every week we go to the supermarket and watch our cash resources drain away on food. We may sometimes wonder why we can't eat less! There are a few ways to save on the food bills without having to starve ourselves.

One way to save on food is to buy in bulk. The supermarket prices for meat especially are often cheaper for the bulk packs of meat. Sometimes you can find a butcher who will supply bulk meat at a reduced price. Certain cuts of meat may appear to be cheaper, but if they have a lot of bone or fat in them, this makes them a poor bargain.

Budget Recipes Can Be Very Healthy

Growers markets often have fresh fruit and vegetables for a good deal less than the shops, but don't be caught. The watchword is "know your prices". Another simple way to buy at discount prices is to go at the end of the week, late in the day. Very often there will be specials to be had in cakes, salads, breads and even cooked chicken.

Another trick is to never shop for food when you are hungry. Then you'll be less likely to splurge on impulse buys simply because they look good enough to eat. Learn to take advantage of the cheaper cuts of meat and fruit and veggies because there is a glut of them.

Learn also to make your own cakes and biscuits, jam, chutney and relish. You'll be astonished at how much you can save and how much tastier it is than the supermarket produce. Teaching older children to cook will take the burden of the extra work from your shoulders.

When you sit down to work out menus with budget recipes for the week, take into account everyone's likes and dislikes to some extent. If you dish up food that the kids hate they won't eat it without a fight, making mealtime a misery. It's wise to teach them good eating habits right from when they are little to avoid this.

Alternate 'cheap' meals such as rice and pasta dishes with those that have a high percentage of meat and vegetables that might cost a bit more. Remember that the family's health is important, so don't cut back on fresh fruit and veggies.

Make sure you eat all the leftovers the next day. For instance, if you have a baked leg of lamb one day, use up the rest of the meat on a salad the next day - unless you can use it in work or school lunches. If there is salad left over after dinner, use it for lunch the next day. This will cut out waste and save you money. If food doesn't get used up within a few days, throw it out rather than risk food poisoning.

It is a good idea to look out for 'cheaper' budget recipes and menus in family magazines. If you don't buy them yourself, ask friends and family about their favorites. Stews, soups, spaghetti and pasta dishes are often the cheapest meals. If you have a small backyard, it may be possible to grow some of your own salad vegetables, thus saving a considerable amount. You could also check out cooking websites. CookingNook.com has some excellent budget recipes as well as helpful tips for cooking on a budget.

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