Budget Friendly Shopping

by Marie

I have a few tips on budget friendly food shopping and cooking that have proven really valuable to me.

- On weekends when I have time, I cook a few meals that I can freeze. Then during the week, when I am tempted to stop for takeout or eat out, I remember that I can just heat and serve an already prepared meal. It's a time saver and money saver. Chili, stews and spaghetti sauces are great for this.

- I always shop the grocery store sales and use coupons whenever I can. Everyone tells you to use coupons but so many of us don't. I never used to either, but now that I am trying to watch my budget I have found it to be a real money saver.

- Shop for groceries from a list. It keeps you from buying things you don't need.

- They say don't shop when you are hungry and that is really true for me. I will spend an extra $10 on "stuff" if I shop hungry.

- If you have a large family, don't forget to check the clearance area of the produce department. You can get great values on fresh produce that is nearing the end of its fresh cycle and needs to be eaten soon.

Hope this helps someone.

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Mar 11, 2009
Good Shopping Suggestions!
by: June

Great suggestions Marie!
I especially like your idea to shop the clearance produce counters. I've made many fruit salads with fruit that needs to be eaten quickly. With a large family it disappears in no time.

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